Wait: A Critical Gameplay Game by Lindsay Grace (4/5/09)

Wait, a simple game where the player is encouraged to refrain from acting on the world. As the player moves the world disappears, but when the player waits, the world becomes more interesting. The majesty is found in the slow, controlled effort. Players are awarded points when the little things in life reveal themselves.

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Wait Start Screen

The intention in wait is to return the game experience to a central theme in some artistic practices: the reward of stopping to smell the flowers. The game begins with a fade from white and a fairly empty virtual field with blowing grass and the sounds of nature. If the player does not move, elements of the world are heard and faded into view. When these items are fully in view and physically close to the player the player is rewarded points. Points accrued are expressed by a single modulated tone every few seconds. As time progresses the world begins to fade away. The player must respond by moving to another space in the world. If they do not move by the time the world completely fades away, then the game will end. A score is displayed. The score will, in true game fashion, be compared to the past performance of other players.  Play can continue indefinitely if the player moves and waits appropriately.

This game is part of the Critical Gameplay Project, an exhibition and ongoing game design project.

Wait Game at Smithsonian American Art Musuem Wait game [arcade version] on display at the Smithsonian American Art Musuem
Wait Game Pic at Smithsonian American Art Musuem Wait game on display at the Smithsonian American Art Musuem


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