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"All for one and one control for all" The game is an action-puzzler, where the player must navigate multiple robots to various exits. Each robot is controlled by the same set of arrow keys or gamepad buttons, so a movement left moves all robots left. The robots begin in synch, but any physical contact throws the robot out of synch. Any time a robot hits a wall or another robot, it becomes damaged. Damage the robot too much and it will be destroyed. Points are awarded for getting as many robots as possible through exits.

All for One is a reflection on the notion of simultaneous benefit, asking the player to think about consequence globally. It also serves as a pedagogic exploration into training players to think about simultaneous ramifications. In terms of Critical Design and Critical Gameplay, All for One is a game to critique the relative absence of a simple game mechanic. Since much of the virtual world of computer games is based on the physical world and its rules, it seemed necessary to build a game that exploited the potential in solely computer-based play.